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PAMM service of LotusECN – it’s limitless possibilities for Investor’s earnings. The forex market is very mobile and can change its direction several times a day. To extraction of profit from every movement, you need to clearly forecast the time and direction of each transaction. Thus, need to have a deep knowledge of the Forex market. PAMM service opens the possibilities for customers who do not have such knowledge but wishing to make a profit.

You just need to have the investment capital and a desire to entrust it in the successful PAMM-manager, for making a profit. For the selection of profitable PAMM-manager, you can use the independent PAMM-rating, which provides complete information on all of the PAMM-managers.

PAMM service of LotusECN is fully automatic that allows you to transparently and safely monitor and, most importantly, get the profit from a successful trade of PAMM-manager.

The benefits of investing:

  • You do not need to have experienced a successful trade on the Forex market
  • For investing enough to select a suitable account and make the transaction
  • For a selection of the appropriate PAMM-accounts, investors have access to PAMM-rating, which has a full volume of statistical data for analysis
  • The investor is not limited by the number of PAMM-accounts and can transfer his/her investments between any accounts without restrictions
  • The investor can receive full information about his/her investments and profits through MyProfile
Minimum investment This value depends on the PAMM-account and is set by PAMM-manager in depending on trading strategy
How to divide the profit Revenue sharing is set by PAMM-manager when creating an account and can not be changed in the trading process
Additional investments and withdrawals The investor may additionally invest or withdraw funds from the Manager’s PAMM-account, but investing or withdrawal will be realized at the end of trading period, taking into account the Margin protection paramenter.
Investing in several trading accounts simultaneously The investor can invest in an unlimited amount of PAMM-accounts.
Additional Information The investment currency must match with the currency of the PAMM account. If the currency is different, the investor can independently carry out the conversion using accounts.

LotusECN model provides unbeatable trading conditions in a unique ECN environment in trading currencies, precious metals, commodities, global indices and CFDs.

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