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When the company was registered?

The company was registered in 1995.

Do you accept US citizens?

Yes, We do accept US Citizens Account.

Who is an IB?

IB (Introducing Broker) partner is a person who works on creating a client base of active traders. IB partner gets all the necessary software and support for attracting process. The result is that IB getting commission based on completed trades of their clients. The more clients and more trading operations completed, more commission getting IB partner.

What advantages of IB-program will I receive?

1. There are no restrictions on the deal’s duration. Even if the deal was in the market for 1 second you will receive rewards for it.

2. No restrictions on the pips number.

3. No restrictions on the transactions number, withdrawal of funds

4. Full clients online monitoring (MT5 manager)

5. One of the most profitable rewards for IB-partners among other brokers. (For example, commission for EURUSD_FX = $ 10 for 1 lot without restrictions)

6. We give the minimum spreads which will contribute to the greatest trader activity.

7. Our support promptly solves the arising issues both for the trader and IB.

8. Full transparency of the Broker-Partner relationship, without hidden terms.

What is the difference between PAMM-partner and IB partner?

You have the opportunity to become an IB partner or a PAMM-partner and earn by way convenient for you.

An IB partner receives a commission from each closed trade of attracted clients.

A PAMM – partner attracts investors to a PAMM – account (PAMM – rating) and receives a part of the PAMM – manager remuneration. 

Is your IB partner system multilevel or single-level?

We have two-level automatic system rewarding for our IB-Partners. But the attraction to further levels depends on your desires and possibilities. It is not prohibited.

How can I set a swap – free status for my account.

To get a swap – free you should send us KYC document. Your request will be processed after document verification.


What is PAMM?

The PAMM system was created in order to unite successful traders and investors. Anyone can become a PAMM-Manager if he is a trader with a profitable strategy. The broker, in this case, acts as a guarantor of ensuring a fair sharing of funds between all participants (manager, investor, partner), who, in turn, receive commissions from trades. This distinguishes the PAMM system from trust management.

How does PAMM System work?

PAMM-account is not an ordinary account.

It consists of separate investment parts. PAMM-manager acts as an investor too. The trader trades his own money and the investors’ money as well as respecting their interests. In return, he receives a compensation fee from investors.

Does the PAMM Manager have access to Investor Funds?

PAMM-manager doesn’t have access to investor’s money. PAMM-platform LotusECN was created especially for this. It protects the interests of both investors and account manager.

For example, PAMM-account is 100%. There are 2 PAMM investors and a manager. PAMM Manager’s share in the PAMM-account is 65%, the investor’s 1 share is 5%, the investor’s 2 share is 30%. PAMM-manager can’t withdraw more than 65%. PAMM system will not allow him to do this. Since his share doesn’t exceed 65% into PAMM-account.

The same way with investors. An investor can’t withdraw from PAMM-account more than 30 (5) %.

If the trader earns, the share of all investors proportionally increases (including PAMM-Manager).

I invested money in the PAMM-Manager, but cannot see my profits. What should I do?

In order to see your profits, you need to follow the instructions.

On PAMM-Manager’s wall -> your profitability tab -> funds (your money for the current trading period); current funds (your profit if there are no open trades); floating funds (your profit if there are open trades).

Why do not I see any open trades on the PAMM manager wall?

You cannot see open trades until copy protection expiration. The PAMM Manager sets a copy protection period at the time of registration of the trading account in the PAMM rating according to a trading strategy.

Why do I need an investor password?

The investor has an opportunity to monitor trader’s transactions using investor-password for MT5 account. Please, ask your manager for investor-password to see his trading process and updates. You can contact a PAMM – manager on the post wall (find it on the PAMM-manager’s page in the rating: PAMM rating) or, you can also ask him for email to chat personally.

What does it mean ‘follow’ when I open the chosen PAMM-Manager?

We have a “follow” function in the client’s personal area. It allows you to find the following PAMM-managers foremost and also it gives an option to get notifications about the following manager to your e-mail.

Can I withdraw money from my PAMM-Manager when I want to?

You can apply for withdrawal from the PAMM system at any time convenient for you. But your funds will be withdrawn after the end of a current trading period. A trading period duration depends on the PAMM-account conditions. It could be from 1 day to 30 days.

I want to become a PAMM-Partner. What should I do?

In order to become a PAMM-Partner, you need to follow the instruction:

Log in to your profile -> select PAMM-Partner -> become PAMM-Partner.

We recommend you read all the agreements first. This is important for partnership work.

After that, you will have a referral link, which you can post on social networks and on other various resources and invite investors to invest in the selected PAMM-Manager(s). This referral link makes it possible to identify the customer registered on it. Such a client is automatically transferred to your affiliate group.

The ref-link looks like login: 9999999

Also, please, do not forget to send documents for verification.

What is the difference between PAMM-partner and IB partner?

You have the opportunity to become an IB partner or a PAMM-partner and earn by way convenient for you.

An IB partner receives a commission from each closed trade of attracted clients.

A PAMM – partner attracts investors to a PAMM – account (PAMM – rating) and receives a part of the PAMM – manager remuneration.

I registered a PAMM account, but it did not appear in the rating.

PAMM account appears in the rating after making a minimum deposit amount of 1000 USD / EUR. If you register an existing account with the broker LotusECN in the PAMM-system, the account will be launched after moderation within 24 business hours.

What a rollover is?

Rollover is the time of trading session restart. All deposits, investments, and withdrawals are processed only during the rollover time. Please note, all open trades will be closed automatically.

The trader sets a convenient period for the trading session, which can be seen on the PAMM-Manager page.


How can I open an account?

Open Demo Account

Step 1: Click Here to Download and install the software.

Step 2: Choose LotusECN Demo Account.

Step 3: Fill all your details, and proceed signup to get credentials.

Step 4: Enjoy demo trading!…

Open Live Account

At Lotus ECN, we provide you with the flexibility to choose among four different trading account types. Click Here to open your account.

How long will it take to open an account?

It takes a maximum of 3 minutes to register a new account. Upon registration, the client receives an email with login details.

What documents do I need to send to open an account?

You need to send us a copy of your valid passport or ID card as proof of identity with a recent photograph. Also, we request proof of residence, e.g. utility bill (gas, electricity, water etc.) not older than six months. Bank statement which states your address is also accepted as proof of residence.

Is it possible to open an account and make a deposit without sending my documents?

Yes, it is possible. But you need to send your documents during withdrawal.

Is it possible to open more than one trading account?

Yes, It is possible.

Which account currencies are available?

The available account currencies are USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and CHF.

Do you offer a swap-free account?

Yes, the swap-free account can be requested by sending an email to us.

Which software should be downloaded in order to start trading?

For the MetaTrader 5, log in to the Client Area and navigate to “Trading Tools”, then “Downloads”. For Mobile Platforms, visit “Mobile Platforms” section

How can my account be funded?

Your account can be funded by logging in Client Area by selecting the “Deposit / Withdraw” menu.

How can my account details be changed (like account type, leverage or currency base)?

Account information can be changed in the Client Area under “Change Account”

What do I do if I forget my password?

Go to Client Area, click on the “Forgot your password?” option and a new password will automatically be sent to you.

How can I change my password?

Visit Client Area, choose “My Account” and select the option for password changing.

Is it possible to have a sub-account?

It is possible by logging to Client Area, and then click “My Account”, a number of options would be available, with the last one “Sub-account”.

What is Lotus ECN minimum deposit?

Our minimum deposit is as low as $500

Does Lotus ECN offer managed accounts?

Go to Client Area, click on the “Forgot your password?” option and a new password will automatically be sent to your email ID.

For how long can the Demo account be used?

Generally, the Demo account does not have an expiry date.

What spreads are offered at Lotus ECN?

Lotus ECN offers variable tight spreads.

If I am offline, will Lotus ECN close my open positions and placed orders?

Lotus ECN does not interact with clients’ trades; clients’ positions are not being lost if you are offline as trading continues uninterrupted on our trading server.

At Lotus ECN where do you keep client's funds?

Client’s funds are kept in segregated accounts in top-tier international banks.

Is my money safe?

Lotus ECN guarantees the safety of the client’s money as we are a Member of the ICF (Investor Compensation Fund). All client’s accounts are held separate from the Company’s own accounts. Lotus ECN is being under regulation and authorization of CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

Can I lose more money than I deposited?

No, you will never lose more money than you invested as Lotus ECN offers a Stop Out level of 10%

What are your deposit/withdrawal options?

Lotus ECN offers a comprehensive range of deposit/ withdrawal possibilities, all of them created to facilitate your account funding procedure. To see what deposit/withdrawal options are available please visit the Account funding page.

If my withdrawal amount is higher than the deposited one through credit/debit card, how can I withdraw it?

The amount exceeding the deposited amount can be withdrawn via all available methods offered by Lotus ECN.

How long would it take for funds to arrive to my bank account?

The withdrawal/deposit process usually takes up to 48 hours. However, the bank wire transfer may take up to 5 working days.

If I deposit funds through Skrill, can I withdraw money to my credit card?

Although its possible, depositing and withdrawing methods are desirable to be the same in order to provide the security of transactions.

Is it possible to transfer funds from my trading account to someone else’s trading account?

For security purposes, money transfers to and from third party accounts are not allowed at Lotus ECN.

Do you charge any extra fees and commissions?

Lotus ECN does not charge clients any extra fees and commissions. Please visit Account comparison for more details about accounts.

What to do if I cannot Login into the Members Area on Lotus ECN website!

First of all, check your login credentials if you entered them correctly. If this is not the case, delete all of your browser’s cookies and cache and then restart the browser and try again. Alternatively, try to log in from a different browser.

Does Lotus ECN allow using Expert Advisors?

Yes, at Lotus ECN all our trading platforms support Expert Advisors.

Can the Time Zone be changed on your trading Platforms?

No, Time Zone cannot be changed. The time zone on our Platform represents the Time Zone of Lotus ECN trading servers which is GMT+2.

How much my funds are insured ?

Lotus ECN insures the deposits made by the client from a minimum deposit of $100000 to Maximum Deposit of $250,000 per depositor.

Do I need to pay any small premium for account fund insurance ?

Yes, $100 is the small premium you need to pay for account fund insurance.

Does Lotus ECN provide any paid tips on trades scenario?

Yes Lotus ECN provides paid tips for beginners forex trader, who can easily get all the answers for queries’ if got lost, confused or overwhelmed with the information.

Do I get any referral incentive on referring anyone and if he signs up for Lotus ECN account & services?

Yes, Lotus ECN offers $100 as referral incentive to existing client account credit on referring anyone to us and once the referrals client signs up our account & services $100 is automatically transferred to the client who referred he/she to us. (Any condition for minimum deposit?)

Please, could you clarify your order processing speed?

Order processing speed from 0.3 ms.

Which accounts have no slippage?

Micro, Mini, Profit accounts have no slippage.

Do you have bonuses and how are they used in trading?

Broker LotusECN offers its customers 2 types of bonuses. 35% and 40% ones. They are used in trade and protect you during a drawdown.

Since the bonuses are wholly owned by the LotusECN broker, the decision to give a bonus is made on an individual basis for each client


How long does deposit take?

Depending on a replenishment method under normal conditions the replenishment time may take from several seconds to several minutes.

Do you take any commission when I make deposit?

LotusECN does not take any commissions. But Payment systems or bank can take some commissions.

What is the commission for conversion (from EUR to USD or vice versa)?

LotusECN takes a commission of 0.2% from the transfer amount.

Is there a commission for internal transfer between accounts (from a LotusECN to a Trading account and vice versa)?

LotusECN does not charge fees for internal transfers.

How long does withdrawal take?

Usually under normal conditions funds withdrawal takes no more than 24 business hours.

Payments for Visa, Mastercard, China Union Pay cards take 1-2 banking days. But please note that under normal conditions payments can reach your card up to 6 banking days.

LotusECN is not liable in case of delays by 3d persons who are not related to the broker.

What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum wallet to wallet withdrawal is 5 USD(EUR).

What is PIN? What is it for?

When you register an account, the message is sent to your email address. In this message, you will find your PIN. It is necessary for you when submitting a withdrawal request for security reasons. 

Can I replenish an LotusECN account with one payment system, but withdraw funds to another payment system?

According to the company’s internal rules and AML policy, the withdrawal under normal circumstances should be carried out in the same way as the deposit was made. This is necessary in order to combat terrorist activities and money laundering.

Contact us if you don’t find your issue in the FAQ list. It would be a great if you help us to improve our support facilities and send us your suggestion about FAQ to the email:

LotusECN model provides unbeatable trading conditions in a unique ECN environment in trading currencies, precious metals, commodities, global indices and CFDs.

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